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Dear Author,

First of all, thank you so much for being my writer! I'm going to ramble on a bit generally (probably a lot, actually), then try and write something about why I like these fandoms, and give some ideas I've had about possible stories, but feel free to ignore any or all of it if it's not helpful.


The general stuff...



I really need happy endings. A little angst on the way there is fine, though.


I usually like characters to be friends (or at least frenemies!). I like to see the progression of a friendship between newly-met characters who grow to like and trust each other over time, and eventually would do just about anything for each other, especially when their friendship is somewhat unexpected. How do established friendships deal with daily life, how do they solve conflicts, how do they support and comfort each other when things don't go too well?


I'm particularly partial to humour in my fic. I like characters with a shared sense of humour, especially when used to express affection by people who aren't comfortable discussing 'feelings'. A story absolutely doesn’t have to be funny for me to like it, though: I like angst, arguments, and heartache in small doses, as long as there’s a happy ending.


I love epistolary fic - not necessarily just in the form of actual letters; diary entries or in a modern or future setting voicemail, emails, texts, blog posts, message board transcripts, viewscreens, Facebook or Twitter posts will work, in any combination.


I enjoy both plot- and character-driven stories. Plots that show off character are perfect – the best of both worlds! I like stories that span an hour and stories that span years. Back story, missing scene fic, prequels, sequels, the same scene from different perspectives, fix-its, canon divergence will be loved. I love ‘five things’ type fics that show off significant moments in characters' lives. I love short fics, long fics, and anything else that takes your fancy.


Feel free to include characters that I didn't specifically ask for if they fit your story, but I'd prefer my requested character(s) to be the focus of the story.


I love crossovers (both sneaky and overt) and fusions where one set of characters are transplanted to another canonical universe. As long as I know the other canon or canons, I will be delighted. Feel free to use any interest in my profile that takes your fancy (or even more than one – the more the merrier); there are plenty to choose from!



One of my biggest squicks to the point of phobia is pregnancy (male or female).


As I said earlier, I really need a story with a happy ending. Some unhappy elements on the way are fine if the outcome is happy, but nothing extremely dark, please. Things I don't like include deathfic, torture, abuse, A/B/O, humiliation/ embarassment, and character bashing (except for canon villains!


Not exactly dislikes, but...

I'm not really familiar with daemons, so I'd prefer stories not feature this setting. If you really want to go with it, that's OK but you'll need to include a 'For Dummies' explanation :) Also, I tend to have a problem with AUs in that the further away an AU gets from canon, the more difficulty I have 'seeing' the characters in my mind's eye. This is especially true if the setting of the AU necessitates tinkering with the characters' names.



I'll read any rating from G to NC-17. I'm mostly a slash bunny, but will happily read het and femslash, in fandoms where they fit. If you're considering writing porn, that's wonderful. If you don't want to, that's fine too. In general, I like romance, and first kisses, and virgins, and all that comes with that - visible nerves, awkwardness, neediness and emotions on high. I'm a sucker for first-time fics.


Kinkier stuff is more than ok,too. Favourite kinks include role play (not age play, though), dubcon (the sort where afterwards they think it was hot, even if consent was problematic at the time), dirty talk, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing and erotic spanking. I can also go for mild BDSM (not lifestyle; easily slipping into and out of it is fun, particularly with a humourous slant), light bondage/restraints, public sex/sex where there is a risk of being caught, figging, wax play and toys.


I don't care for scat, watersports, blood (in a sex context; blood in the course of a day's work is ok), lifestyle D/s, age-play and bestiality.



Now the specific stuff (these requests and the lengths of them are in no particular preference order, BTW)



Request 1: Deår Ladies

Any Character



I'm pretty much open to anything you care to write here. Something that emphasizes the ladies' personalities would be great, maybe through the eye of the other inhabitants of Stackton Tressel.

Gen only for this request, please.



Request 2: For the Love Of Cars (TV)




I got into this as a result of reading my recipient's Yuletide letter (we'd actually matched on another fandom!) and thought it sounded intriguing. So I decided to watch the first episode on YouTube.... several hours later.... :) To see these two is to love them, while simultaneously busting a gut laughing. Thank you, lamardeuse! It's a reality programme presented by Philip Glenister of 'Life On Mars' fame, and Ant Anstead, who as the blurb on the programme says is 'an internationally renowned car designer' and very easy on the eyes! The two of them are hilarious together, and pretty much slash themselves.


From lamardeuse's tumblr:




Sample ep:


And an interview with the two of them that has some very slashy moments:


(tried to embed these but can't get it to work. Trust me, they're worth the click!)


Since this is a near-totally new fandom for me, anything you want to tell me about these two will be adored – on-screen, behind the scenes or outside work, getting together, first time or established relationship.


Or perhaps, what happened immediately after the camera switched off in the scene that starts at 1:30 in this video?



Request 3: James May's Manlab RPF




What I like about this show is that it gives James the chance to explore more of his obviously wide range of interests in his own inimitable style, and I'm very fond of the people he's gathered around him to do it, particularly Sim.


I love how, despite his obvious enthusiasm for James' projects, Simmy is so laid-back – whatever weird idea James comes up with he just smiles and gets on with it. If you want to write shipfic, I'd love to see the two of them getting together, and/or making their relationship work in the context of making the show together.


Poor Rory the Intern is always being dragged into trouble, but the way he reacts to it always makes me laugh too much to be sorry for him – though it might be nice to see him come out on top for once.


I'm always amused by James and Oz' friendship of two pedants and the way James drags him into his side projects at every opportunity. I don't really ship them, though.


I don't ship Rory with anyone either... though come to think of it, shipping him and Oz could make for an entertaining crackship!


A crossover involving the other two Top Gear presenters would be wonderful, if you feel so inclined; given the kind of chaos that tends to occur when Jeremy, James and Richard get together, I'd love to see its effects on the show, and how the others involved (particularly Simmy) try to deal with it.


And if you're familiar with Ross the Intern from the Jay Leno Show, a meeting/conversation between him and Rory would probably be hilarious!


Any other people who've appeared on the show are welcome to join in, Particularly the sergeant-major type from the Christmas show.



Request 4: The Monkees (TV)




I love the TV show Monkees! (I love them irl too, but I want a story in the TV show setting.) Make it a romp, have them taking on villains, whether knowingly or by accident, supporting each other with any problems they might have, hanging out together at the beach house or on the beach, taking a drive in the Monkeemobile, playing a gig, generally just being friends and having fun.


Either friendship or any combination would be wonderful (including another combo I didn't have room to nominate - you can't go wrong with these guys for me), but the four of them together is the relationship of my heart - just give me a big cuddly puppy pile of love and friendship! If you go for a pairing, please have the other two around and being supportive, or in a relationship themselves.


Also, if you could write Peter as something along the lines of shy, really absent-minded and/or hopelessly innocent/naive rather than as thick as two short planks, I will love you forever!



Request 5: The Persuaders

group: Brett Sinclair & Danny Wilde

group: Brett Sinclair/Danny Wilde



I love this show for the humour, and also the friendship between two characters who have come from such different backgrounds yet ended up with the same lifestyle. I'd love a character study-type fic which compares and contrasts their similarities and differences. I'd love a story about their friendship - though they often behave as if they're rivals, it's obvious they mean a lot to each other. I'd love a fic where one is in peril and the other has to come to his rescue, or maybe they rescue each other - a situation where they actually have to admit how much they care for each other.


Whatever story you tell, I'd love a humourous take on it.



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