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Dear Author,

First of all, thank you so much for being my writer! I'm going to ramble on a bit generally (probably a lot, actually), then try and write something about why I like these fandoms, and give some ideas I've had about possible stories, but feel free to ignore any or all of it if it's not helpful.

The general stuff...


I really need happy endings. A little angst on the way there is fine, though.

I usually like characters to be friends (or at least frenemies!). I like to see the progression of a friendship between newly-met characters who grow to like and trust each other over time, and eventually would do just about anything for each other, especially when their friendship is somewhat unexpected. How do established friendships deal with daily life, how do they solve conflicts, how do they support and comfort each other when things don't go too well?

I'm particularly partial to humour in my fic. I like characters with a shared sense of humour, especially when used to express affection by people who aren't comfortable discussing 'feelings'. A story absolutely doesn’t have to be funny for me to like it, though: I like angst, arguments, and heartache in small doses, as long as there’s a happy ending.

I love epistolary fic - not necessarily just in the form of actual letters; diary entries or in a modern or future setting voicemail, emails, texts, blog posts, message board transcripts, viewscreens, Facebook or Twitter posts will work, in any combination. 

I enjoy both plot- and character-driven stories. Plots that show off character are perfect – the best of both worlds! I like stories that span an hour and stories that span years. Back story, missing scene fic, prequels, sequels, the same scene from different perspectives, fix-its, canon divergence will be loved. I love ‘five things’ type fics that show off significant moments in characters' lives. I love short fics, long fics, and anything else that takes your fancy.

Feel free to include characters that I didn't specifically ask for if they fit your story, but I'd prefer my requested character(s) to be the focus of the story.

I love crossovers (both sneaky and overt) and fusions where one set of characters are transplanted to another canonical universe. As long as I know the other canon or canons, I will be delighted. Feel free to use any interest in my profile that takes your fancy (or even more than one – the more the merrier); there are plenty to choose from!



One of my biggest squicks to the point of phobia is pregnancy (male or female).

As I said earlier, I really need a story with a happy ending. Some unhappy elements on the way are fine if the outcome is happy, but nothing extremely dark, please. Things I don't like include deathfic, torture, abuse, A/B/O, humiliation/ embarassment, and character bashing (except for canon villains! 


Not exactly dislikes, but...

I'm not really familiar with daemons, so I'd prefer stories not feature this setting. If you really want to go with it, that's OK but you'll need to include a 'For Dummies' explanation :) Also, I tend to have a problem with AUs in that the further away an AU gets from canon, the more difficulty I have 'seeing' the characters in my mind's eye. This is especially true if the setting of the AU necessitates tinkering with the characters' names.



I'll read any rating from G to NC-17. I'm mostly a slash bunny, but will happily read het and femslash, in fandoms where they fit. If you're considering writing porn, that's wonderful. If you don't want to, that's fine too. In general, I like romance, and first kisses, and virgins, and all that comes with that - visible nerves, awkwardness, neediness and emotions on high. I'm a sucker for first-time fics.

Kinkier stuff is more than ok,too. Favourite kinks include role play (not age play, though), dubcon (the sort where afterwards they think it was hot, even if consent was problematic at the time), dirty talk, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing and erotic spanking. I can also go for mild BDSM (not lifestyle; easily slipping into and out of it is fun, particularly with a humourous slant), light bondage/restraints, public sex/sex where there is a risk of being caught, figging, wax play and toys.

I don't care for scat, watersports, blood (in a sex context; blood in the course of a day's work is ok), lifestyle D/s, age-play and bestiality.


Now the specific stuff (these requests and the lengths of them are in no particular preference order, BTW)


American Idol RPF

Fo this fandom, I'm interested in the interaction(s) between the nominated people. I love their friendships and their rivalries (and the way they sometimes manage to express the two things simultaneously). It would be interesting to see this from the point of view of any of them, or an outsider's point of view. Maybe a contestant's-eye-view? Did they continue to stay in touch after first Paula, then Simon, then Randy left Idol? How did they go about it (no partner-bashing, please; canon divergence especially welcome here)?

Shipwise, I ship Ryan/Simon, Simon/Paula and Simon/Ryan/Paula, though I'm willing to be convinced about any other ship.

Life On Mars & Related Fandoms
Sam Tyler
Gene Hunt
Frank Morgan
Vic Tyler

This is a new-to-me fandom, so basically I want everything! :D

Sam and Gene are my OTP here (and it's unusual for me to have an OTP in a fandom rather than going for lots of different pairings), so though I'm fine with them being just friends (or frenemies), please don't pair them with anyone else.

I'll enjoy anything that looks into facets of their characters, what makes them tick, how they see themselves in relation to each other and the people around them. What does Gene really make of Sam's 'weirdnesses'? 

In their partnership, Sam comes over mostly as the 'head' and Gene the 'heart' of the relationship. As the show progresses they begin to see advantages in each other's style and finding the best of both worlds between the two methods of policing. I'd like to see more about the way this comes about, in the context of either a growing relationship or friendship.

DCI/Doctor Morgan intrigues me, since there is no indication that Sam was acquainted with Doctor Morgan in his original time before meeting DCI Morgan in 1973. How/why do these men have the same face? Could it be the same man in both timelines, and if so what is his objective in wanting to take Gene down in 1973?

At the end of the show, Sam has decided to stay in 1973 and give his loyalty to Gene. How does Morgan take this? Or does Sam say nothing to him, but become a 'double agent' to watch Gene's back?

What makes Vic Tyler tick? Is he really a devoted family man doing his best for his wife and son (in which case, why would he think becoming a crime boss was the best way to do it? How did he get to where he was?) or is he using them as a front? How does Sam cope in the aftermath of finding out that his father was... not a nice person?

(ETA: I haven't seen Ashes To Ashes yet.)


B.J. Hunnicutt
Charles Emerson Winchester III
Sidney Freedman
Father Francis Mulcahy

BJ and Charles always strike me as consummate tricksters, pranksters and con artists who complemented each other perfectly in the episodes where they teamed up. Perhaps they might team up to deal with some serious threat to a member or members of the team, or to the 4077th as a whole, and realise in the course of it that there could be more to their relationship.

The combination of Sidney and Mulcahy intrigues me a lot. The two of them are both involved in counseling/comforting others, albeit in different ways, but who can they turn to for support when they're the ones who need the counsel/comfort? I'd like to see the two of them turn to each other, with the relationship between them developing from professional to friendship, and maybe finally to lovers.

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

Colonel Fitzwilliam
Charlotte Lucas
William Collins

I think Charlotte and Colonel Fitzwilliam would suit very well, if Charlotte could meet him before she became engaged to Mr Collins. Would love to see how this would come about. It would be fun to watch Colonel Fitzwilliam and Mt Collins as rivals for Charlotte's affection, as well as Charlotte's reaction to this as someone who is probably all too well aware that she is considered to be not particularly attractive by everyone else surrounding her.

[I just received a wonderful fic about Charlotte and Colonel Fitzwilliam getting together for ShipSwap, and it confirmed by belief that there needs to be more fic for these two :)  ]

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