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note_to_cat: Dear Chicago Kitties Who Desperately Need Some Help
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Sorry for not having been commenting on my usual haunts for a while (waves at Carol), but I lost Zuki, my big grey meezer boy, just over a week ago, totally unexpectedly and I haven't been in the mood to do more than lurk. I'll try and post a proper tribute to him over the weekend. Ok, he was 15, but that's nothing for a meezer and he seemed to be in really good health.

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Well, I was going to make my first entry photos of my cats, but I got distracted by a link to this site from one of my newsgroups. Actually, the link he posted was to an article about how "The Golden Girls" (yes, the comedy series!) were responsible for creating a generation of homosexuals, but when I finished boggling over that, I noticed a link to this article at the bottom of the page, and just had to click on it:

You can imagine how surprised I was, as someone who is owned by cats, to discover that cats are actually the spawn of Satan!!!

But the site as a whole seems to be a good hunting ground for people who like to collect idiots, morons and bigots, or to try and get their brains to explode :)

BTW, if I've managed to screw up anything lj-related about this entry, feel free to yell at me and tell me what it is!


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