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Dear Yuletide Writer
First of all, thank you so much for being my writer! I'm going to ramble on a bit generally (probably a lot, actually), then try and write something about why I like these fandoms, and give some ideas I've had about possible stories, but feel free to ignore any or all of it if it's not helpful.

The general stuff...
I really need happy endings. A little angst on the way there is fine, though.
I like characters to be friends (or at least frenemies!). I like to see the progression of a friendship between newly-met characters who grow to like and trust each other over time, and eventually would do just about anything for each other, especially when they don't like each other all that much at first and their friendship is somewhat unexpected. I really enjoy people in relationships that grow from friendship, particularly if that's unexpected too. With both platonic or romantic partners: how do they deal with daily life, how do they solve conflicts, how do they support and comfort each other when things don't go too well?
I'm particularly partial to humour, wit, sarcasm and silliness in my fic. I like characters with a shared sense of humour that tends towards the sarcastic, especially when used to express affection by people who aren't comfortable discussing 'feelings'. Awkward conversations that play out terribly, banter, bickering, friendly arguments, cutting commentary, subtle (or not so subtle) mockery, politeness or the pretense of it as veneer or weapon against the unaware are totally my bag. A story doesn’t have to be funny for me to like it, though: I like angst, arguments, seemingly unrequited longing, and heartache in small doses, as long as there’s a happy ending. 
I love epistolary fic - not necessarily just in the form of actual letters; in a modern or future setting voicemail, emails, texts, blog posts, message board transcripts, viewscreens, Facebook or Twitter posts will work, in any combination. 
I enjoy both plot-driven stories and character-driven stories that focus on relationships (either romantic or platonic). Plot that shows off character is perfect - the best of both worlds! I like stories that span an hour and stories that span years. Back story, missing scene fic, established relationships, prequels, sequels, the same scene from different perspectives, fix-its, and canon divergence will be loved. I love ‘five things’ type fics that show off significant moments in a character’s life. I love short fics, long fics, and anything else that takes your fancy. I love forced bed sharing, arranged or accidental marriages, and pretend boyfriends.
Feel free to include characters that I didn't specifically ask for if they fit your story, but I'd prefer my requested characters to be the focus of the story.
For shippy stories, I will read any rating from G to NC-17, but if you don't want to go there, gen is fine too. If you're considering writing porn, that's wonderful. If you'd rather not, that's ok too. Gen, ships (including poly - actually preferred in the case of the Monkees), and in betweens are all excellent. I love romance, slow-burn UST to RST, first-time stories (I'm a total sucker for those), porn (if appropriate), but I also like friendship stories. 
Kinkier stuff is ok, too. Favourite kinks include role play (not age play, though), dubcon (the sort where afterwards they think it was hot, even if consent was problematic at the time), dirty talk, poly, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, figging and erotic spanking. I can also go for mild BDSM (not lifestyle; easily slipping into and out of it is fun, particularly if it's done humourously), light bondage/restraints, wax play and toys.
I love crossovers (both sneaky and overt) and fusions where one set of characters are transplanted to another canonical universe. As long as I know the other canon or canons, I will be delighted. Feel free to use any interest in my profile that takes your fancy (or even more than one – the more the merrier); there are plenty to choose from!
One of my biggest squicks to the point of phobia is pregnancy (male or female), so even if a canon might be expected to make a big deal out of it, please don't go there. Cruelty to/death of animals triggers the hell out of me, to the point that I can't read stories that mention it.
As I said earlier, I really need a story with a happy ending. Some unhappy elements on the way are fine if the outcome is happy, but nothing extremely dark, please, and don't make it the focus of the story.
Things I don't like include deathfic, noncon, torture, abuse, infidelity or any other type of partner betrayal, character bashing, kidfic, embarrassment/humiliation and certain kinks (I don't care for scat, watersports, blood, lifestyle D/s, age-play and bestiality).
Not exactly dislikes, but...
I'm not really familiar with daemons, so if you want to go with this you'll need to include a 'For Dummies' explanation :)
Also, I tend to have a problem with AUs in that the further away an AU gets from canon, the more difficulty I have 'seeing' the characters in my mind's eye. This is especially true if the setting of the AU necessitates tinkering with the characters' names.
Now the specific stuff (these requests are in no particular preference order, BTW):
Request 1: Body Of a Crime – Michael C. Eberhardt
Emory Knox
Tom Gamboa
Link to online version of book (Warning: EXTREME violence):

It can be read online or downloaded as a text file. The links for these are in the bottom left corner of the window (It took me forever to find them!).
I'm interested in the relationship between these two minor characters (detective partners), how it developed and how it works. I do ship them, but platonic friends is fine too. If you include any description of investigations in your fic, feel free to kill off any OCs you need to, but please don't dwell lovingly on the violent details like the author does.
(Incidentally, Gamboa would get on very well with Gene Hunt from Life On Mars (UK), as they have a very similar philosophy of crime fighting, whereas Knox and Sam Tyler would probably commiserate on the things they have to put up with. If you wanted to write a Cross-U where they meet up, I would be absolutely delighted)
Request 2: For the Love of Cars
Philip Glenister
Ant Anstead
I got into this as a result of reading my recipient's Yuletide letter last year and thinking it sounded intriguing. So I decided to watch the first episode on YouTube.... several hours later.... :) To see these two is to love them, while simultaneously busting a gut laughing. Thank you, lamardeuse! 
It's a reality programme presented by Philip Glenister of 'Life On Mars' fame, and Ant Anstead, who as the blurb on the programme says is 'an internationally renowned car designer' and very easy on the eyes! 
To quote from Wikipedia:
"Each show begins with a quick discussion of the car that is to be featured in that episode. Some of the history, and why it is important to British motoring is covered. This is followed by Anstead attempting to locate one of these cars, typically through a barn find, to restore.
As the car is restored by Ant and his team at his car restoration company in Hertfordshire (Evanta Motor Co, although this is never mentioned in the show), Phil looks into the social side of the vehicles, meeting owners' clubs and attending events to get a feel for how the restoration should progress. Phil takes the lead in guiding Ant as to how he would like the restored project to look, but often has his mind changed through discussions with enthusiasts at events.
After the car is restored, Phil and Ant take it for a test drive before they are joined by several similar cars owned by car club members who give their opinions on the restored work. The car is then put on auction at the prestigious Coys of Kensington."
Ant and Phil are hilarious together, and pretty much slash themselves.
And an interview with the two of them that has some very slashy moments: 

(tried to embed these but can't get it to work. Trust me, they're worth the click!)

Since this is still a relatively new fandom for me, anything you want to tell me about these two will be adored – on-screen, behind the scenes or outside work, getting together, first time or established relationship.
Or perhaps, what happened immediately after the camera switched off in the scene that starts at 1:30 in this video?  (idek WHY that happened, because it came out of nowhere that I could see in the episode - this bit is the end of the sample episode!)
Request 3: Masterchef (US) RPF
Derrick Peltz
Gordon Ramsay
Stephen Lee
Tommy Walton
This was the first season of Masterchef I watched, as a result of becoming hooked on Hell's Kitchen. I was especially fascinated by the people I've nommed. Tommy is a wonderfully flamboyant person, Stephen and Derrick's love-hate relationship is fascinating and Gordon, of course, is Gordon.
As for ships, I definitely shipped all combinations of these characters while I was watching this season of the show.
For Derrick and Stephen, I think it would be an enemies to frenemies to (maybe reluctant) lovers, and I'd adore seeing that progression.
With Stephen and Gordon, I could see it being love at first sight, expressed in a very aggressive manner :D (if you don't see things that way, I'd be fascinated to read your take on it).
For Gordon and Tommy, there was an almost-flirtation going on occasionally, with a sort of 'fuck me, what am I doing?' vibe from Gordon – I'd love to see that explored further.
I'm sure Tommy would be ready and willing to dispense useful (or not so useful) advice on getting together to any or all of Gordon, Stephen or Derrick, whether or not he was asked, perhaps even offer practical demonstrations which might lead to his involvement in the shenanigans.
Please feel free to include Christina, Graham and/or any other contestants that you want to.
This is a fairly new-to-me fandom where I'm open to any story you want to tell. One possibility: if Tommy opened a restaurant after the show, what would it be like? How might Stephen and Derrick deal with going into partnership to run a restaurant. And what would happen if Gordon paid a surprise visit - Kitchen Nightmares or Kitchen Bliss?
Request 4: The Monkees (TV)
Davy Jones
Micky Dolenz
Mike Nesmith
Peter Tork
I love the TV show Monkees! (I love them irl too, but the TV show characters are the ones that I'm interested in for fic and other purposes.) Make it a romp, have them taking on villains, whether knowingly or by accident, supporting each other with any problems they might have, hanging out together at the beach house, taking a drive in the Monkeemobile, playing a gig, generally just being friends and having fun. As far as ships are concerned, any pairing would be wonderful, but the four of them together is the relationship of my heart - just give me a big cuddly puppy pile of love! If you do go for a pairing, it would be nice if the other two were around and being supportive (or even paired up themselves). 
Also, if you could write Peter as something along the lines of shy, really absent-minded and/or hopelessly innocent/naive rather than as thick as two short planks, I will love you forever!
Request 5: Top Gear (UK) Reboot RPF
Chris Harris
Matt LeBlanc
Rory Reid
Sabine Schmitz
The fact that I'm even requesting this comes as a total surprise to me! I watched the first episode of the rebooted show out of curiosity and (being a big fan of the Clarkson/Hammond/May Classic Top Gear) determined to hate it, but to my surprise I found Matt LeBlanc really funny and I loved Rory Reid and Chris Harris. So I carried on watching, and now I'm addicted and I can't wait for the next season, which will have my dream team of presenters (bye-bye Chris Evans!). 
I'm also getting a bit shippy about Rory, Chris H. and Matt, in any combination.
I don't ship Sabine with anyone except her boyfriend (another visit, perhaps a group one, to her Home On the Nurburgring would be fun), but I love her sense of humour, her driving skills, and her ability to make grown men cry (or hurl, but no gory details please).
If you want to include the other presenters (Eddie Jordan and Chris Evans) and the Stig, that's fine (but please have Chris Evans be a fairly minor character, as I think he's an annoying douchewaffle. Perhaps he could get creamed in a challenge and/or pwned by Sabine).
Bonding fics would be fun - how they got to know each other, developed working and/or romantic relationships, coped with Chris E. being an annoying douchewaffle. 

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