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Dear Author


First of all, thank you so much for being my writer! This is my first time with this fest, and I'm a bit nervous about it. I'll try not to screw anything up, but if I do, please let me know :) I'm going to ramble on a bit about the general stuff in this letter; the specifics are in my signup.




I really need happy endings. A little angst on the way there is fine, though.


I like characters to be friends (or at least frenemies!). I like to see the progression of a friendship between newly-met characters who grow to like and trust each other over time, and eventually would do just about anything for each other, especially when they don't like each other all that much at first and their friendship is somewhat unexpected. I really enjoy people in relationships that grow from friendship, particularly if that's unexpected too. How do they deal with daily life, how do they solve conflicts, how do they support and comfort each other when things don't go too well?


I'm particularly partial to humour, wit, sarcasm and silliness in my fic. I like characters with a shared sense of humour that tends towards the sarcastic, especially when used to express affection by people who aren't comfortable discussing 'feelings'. Awkward conversations that play out terribly, banter, bickering, friendly arguments, cutting commentary, subtle (or not so subtle) mockery, politeness or the pretense of it as veneer or weapon against the unaware are great. A story absolutely doesn’t have to be funny for me to like it, though: I like angst, arguments, seemingly unrequited longing, and heartache in small doses, as long as there’s a happy ending.


I love epistolary fic - not necessarily just in the form of actual letters; in a modern or future setting voicemail, emails, texts, blog posts, message board transcripts, viewscreens, Facebook or Twitter posts will work, in any combination.


I enjoy plot-driven stories and character-driven stories that focus on relationships. Plot that shows off character is perfect - the best of both worlds! I like stories that span an hour and stories that span years. I love romance, slow-burn UST to RST, first-time stories, porn or fade-to-black. Back story, missing scene fic, established relationships, prequels, sequels, the same scene from different perspectives, fix-its, canon divergence will be loved. I love ‘five things’ type fics that show off significant moments in characters' lives. I love short fics, long fics, and anything else that takes your fancy.

Feel free to include characters that I didn't specifically ask for if they fit your story, but I'd prefer my requested characters to be the focus of the story.


I love crossovers (both sneaky and overt) and fusions where one set of characters are transplanted to another canonical universe. As long as I know the other canon or canons, I will be delighted. Feel free to use any interest in my profile that takes your fancy (or even more than one - the more the merrier); there are plenty to choose from!


Swearing, crudity etc is not a problem, and in fact where it is a thing in canon I’d prefer it to be included (Top Gear, I'm looking at you!).





One of my biggest squicks to the point of phobia is pregnancy (male or female), so even if a relationship might be expected to make a big deal out of it, please don't go there.


As I said earlier, I really need a story with a happy ending. Some unhappy elements on the way are fine if the outcome is happy, but nothing extremely dark, please. Things I don't like include deathfic (excluding those canons involving canon conflict ie Biggles & Co., though I would prefer OC death rather than canon character death), noncon, torture, abuse, infidelity or any other type of partner betrayal, character bashing, A/B/O and certain kinks (see porn section for details).

References to past hurts are fine, but please don't make that the focus of the fic


Not exactly dislikes, but...


I'm not really familiar with daemons, so if you want to go with these you'll need to include a 'For Dummies' explanation :)

Also, I tend to have a problem with AUs in that the further away an AU gets from canon, the more difficulty I have 'seeing' the characters in my mind's eye. This is especially true if the setting of the AU necessitates tinkering with the characters' names.




I'll read any rating from G to NC-17. I'm mostly a slash bunny, but will happily read het and femslash, in fandoms where they fit. If you're considering writing porn, that's wonderful. If you don't want to, that's fine too. In general, I like romance, and first kisses, and virgins, and all that comes with that - visible nerves, awkwardness, neediness and emotions on high. I'm a sucker for first-time fics.


Kinkier stuff is more than ok,too. Favourite kinks include role play (not age play, though), dubcon (the sort where afterwards they think it was hot, even if consent was problematic at the time), dirty talk, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing and erotic spanking. I can also go for mild BDSM (not lifestyle; easily slipping into and out of it is fun, particularly with a humourous slant), light bondage/restraints, public sex/sex where there is a risk of being caught, figging, wax play and toys.


I don't care for scat, watersports, blood (in a sex context; blood in the course of a day's work, eg Biggles, is ok), lifestyle D/s, age-play and bestiality.






Biggles Series - W. E. Johns

Fanfiction Any Relationship


For these relationships, I'm interested in the dynamics between the characters involved.


Biggles is the unquestioned leader as far as outside ventures are concerned; I wonder whether this continues to be the case in private, or if he might (if only occasionally) let himself be taken in charge/cared for, and if so, whether he does so naturally or whether he needs to be coaxed into it (consensually).


As for the others:


Algy has been with Biggles the longest; he's Biggles' cousin and was posted to Biggles' squadron during WW1. Their relationship was pretty rocky at first, since Biggles resented Algy's mother asking him to look after Algy, and Algy had a bit of a case of hero-worship. However, they bonded pretty quickly, and Algy has been Biggles' second-in-command ever since. Would this carry on into their private life, or would Algy want to take charge for a change?


Von Stalhein has known Biggles and Algy for almost as long as they've known each other, but in an adversarial role (also with Bertie after he joined up with Biggles and Co). Even though there's a truce after they rescue him from Sakhalin, the relationship is uneasy. It would be interesting to see how any relationship featuring him would come about.


Bertie only joined the gang in WW2, but I think the confidence and acceptance of self that I see in him would mean he would find no difficulty in joining in with more intimate things. I think he could well switch roles as necessary in a relationship.


I'd welcome other characters in 'guest spots', particularly Ginger and Air Commodore Raymond, but not involved in any relationship. They could make interesting POV characters.



American Idol RPF

Fanfiction Any Relationship


I just love the interactions between Ryan and the two pairs of judges. Sorry, I can't be more specific than this here! (though Ryan's tendency to open his mouth and put his foot in it, and Simon's sarcasm are always fun).


Guest characters (not part of relationships) welcome.



Britain's Got Talent RPF

Fanfiction Any Relationship


Another one that I can't really provide any suggestions for; I just love the ways these characters interact with each other. You rarely see Ant'n'Dec together with Stephen Mulhern on camera, so finding out more about that would be fun.


Guest characters (not part of relationships) welcome.



Top Gear (UK) RPF

Fanfiction Fanvids Meta Any Relationship


I adore fiction about these guys in any combination. I'd love lots of banter, trading of insults, arguments, road trips, crazy challenges, shenanigans and things generally 'not going well'.


How the 'outside' characters get involved/fit into relationships with 2 or 3 of the TG guys would be fascinating.

If you're going to use the Stig, I really like the Stig-as-an-alien trope.


Guest characters (not part of relationships) welcome.


I'd also love meta or a fanvid for these guys (in view of the show's demise ::sob:: I'd really like to see a fanvid using Green Day's 'Good Riddance [Time Of Your Life']).



The Voice (US) RPF

Carson Daly/Adam Levine/Blake Shelton Adam Levine/Blake Shelton/Carson Daly/Usher Adam Levine/Blake Shelton/Carson Daly/Pharrell Williams Fanfiction


I just want to see Carson Daly get some love! He's a real sweetheart to the contestants, and very supportive to them and their families during the blind auditions. He obviously gets a kick out of the judges' antics, and it would be great to have him included in backstage shenanigans!


I adore Blake and Adam's bromance, and this could be a good starting point from which to involve the other character(s).


Again, un-nominated characters are welcome in guest roles.



The Moody Blues (Band)

Fanfiction Any Relationship


Again, don't really have any details, except in the case of Justin Hayward/John Lodge/Gordon Marshall/Paul Bliss. I've always seen these guys as two pairs of bffs, with Justin/John and Gordy/Paul in relationships. I saw Gordy/Paul as kind of a younger version of Justin/John, to the extent that I usually refer to these two as the Baby Jays. A story exploring this idea, as the two pairs gradually come together, would make me squee with joy! :)



Hogan's Heroes

Robert Hogan/Wilhelm Klink/Peter Newkirk Robert Hogan/Peter Newkirk/James Kinchloe Peter Newkirk/James Kinchloe/Louis LeBeau Fanfiction


The only optional detail I have for this one is that I'd rather like Colonel Klink be aware of what Hogan and his men are up to, either with or without Hogan realizing this.


A guest appearance by Sergeant Schulz would be to-die-for!




Fanfiction Any Relationship


I just love all these guys to death! Just tell me anything about any of them! You don't need to restrict yourself to the nominated relationships either - if you want to write the whole camp as one big happy (dysfunctional) poly family, I'd be delighted!



The Monkees (TV)

Fanfiction Any Relationship


I love the TV show Monkees! (I love them irl too, but I want a story in the TV show setting.) Make it a romp, have them taking on villains, whether knowingly or by accident, supporting each other with any problems they might have, hanging out together at the beach house, taking a drive in the Monkeemobile, playing a gig, generally just being friends and having fun.


Any combination would be wonderful, but the four of them together is the relationship of my heart - just give me a big cuddly puppy pile of love and friendship!


Also, if you could write Peter as something along the lines of shy, really absent-minded and/or hopelessly innocent/naive rather than as thick as two short planks, I will love you forever!



UFO | Gerry Anderson's UFO

Fanfiction Any Relationship


Just give these poor guys some love and happiness! That's all I have to say about this fandom ::cuddles them all::




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